If you have been fortunate enough to receive the "Gift of Life", you are among a small but growing number of people. You are invited to join us, share your experience and gain insight into how others manage post-transplant life.

For those considering lung transplant surgery, our post-transplant members can be a very important source of information in addressing your questions and concerns.

If you are planning alternate treatments for your respiratory disease, come join us and learn how others in same or similar circumstances have learned to cope with their diseases and even improved their quality of life.

Families and friends of respiratory patients also are strongly encouraged to participate in our Association. Here they can learn more about the diseases that have befallen their loved ones. Also, they can share their experiences as caregivers and learn how other caregivers cope with similar situations.

The Association also invites health care professionals and representatives of corporations that provide goods and services to the transplant community to become members. Special levels of membership are offered to these individuals.

Becoming a member of Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc. offers many benefits.
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Second Wind St. Louis Chapter

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